Software & Information Technology in Norcross

Big data and cloud computing have changed the software and information technology landscape. Businesses that specialize in cybersecurity, finance, healthcare, and government software and information technology will find Norcross attractive due to our low cost of doing business, connectivity, competitive electric rates, and low-cost facilities.

Our Competitive Advantage

Norcross is the 3rd most connected city in Georgia. We offer better than average speed, prices, and telecommunication coverage than the surrounding metro area.

Our business climate is one that is designed to keep costs down so that you can invest more in your business. Unlike most municipalities, we do not tax on gross sales revenues. Our regulations are less strict, and depending on where your business locates, several incentives may be available to take advantage of.

Georgia’s geographic location makes it less vulnerable to hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Norcross' industrial submarket (I-85/Norcross/Peachtree) contains approximately 46.4 million square feet of industrial space – representing 7.8% of the metro Atlanta total. Our net rent is consistently lower than the metro average.

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