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Logistics & Distribution in Norcross

Our Competitive Advantage

Norcross is located within one of seven metro Atlanta's major freight hubs.  We are located within the I-85/PIB/Jimmy Carter Blvd Freight Cluster--the region's third largest warehouse and distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

Our city has a highly competitive geographic position for logistics and distribution with convenient access to numerous interstate highways, air transit, and seaports – in addition to close proximity to the Atlanta Central Business District. I-85 forms one boundary of the city, and trucks can easily access I-20 (with connections to the Port of Charleston), and I-75 and I-16 (with connections to the Ports of Savannah and Brunswick). Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the busiest in the world, is located in relatively close proximity.


Talent & Workforce

Thirty-five percent (35%) of our employees work in the manufacturing, warehouse, transportation, and distribution sectors with an average salary of $58,000. Employers can draw from a range of resources for qualified and experienced talent. As a logistics leader, many area colleges and universities offer degrees and certificates in supply chain management, logistics education, and related fields of study.

Real Estate

Norcross is home to 196 existing Industrial buildings with a total square footage of 8.7 million square feet and offers more affordable rents than many parts of the Atlanta Metro. Almost all industrial and office space in Norcross is located along the highways on the edge of the city (I-85, Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Jimmy Carter Blvd.,) and Buford Highway.


Norcross is located within Georgia’s Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #26, a federal designation that can provide significant tariff and tax relief to qualifying businesses engaged in international trade and utilizing imported components and raw materials.  In addition, we also offer 100% Freeport Tax Exemption for qualifying inventory, as well as other attractive incentives.