Professional and Business Services in Norcross

Our Competitive Advantage

Highly Concentrated

Professional & Business Services operations are already highly concentrated in Norcross and growing rapidly – especially Administrative Support Services, which provide a backbone for many other industries

Large Labor Shed

Employers in Norcross have access to a labor shed with 2.3 million individuals – allowing them to hire from a large pool of skilled workers. Professional & Business Services occupations are highly concentrated in the labor shed.

Central Location

Norcross is located centrally in the Atlanta Metro – one of the most dynamic and high growth economic centers in the country. Businesses across the metro, state, and region create high demand for Professional & Business Services

High Ranking Colleges & Universities

The presence of numerous colleges and universities within a 50 mile radius of Norcross make it easy for employers to recruit graduates in any field.

High Quality of Life

The high quality of life in Norcross is also a major factor for attracting and supporting Freelancers & Entrepreneurs, especially when combined with strong business support resources from the City and other partners


Norcross offers several state and local incentives to help fray the cost of doing business. 100% Freeport Inventory Tax Exemption in four classifications of goods (including those stored in e-commerce distribution facilities) is an attractive locational incentive for many logistics/distribution companies.

Transportation Infrastructure

The city’s transportation infrastructure – including highways, rail, proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and relatively easy access to sea ports make it an ideal location for Professional and Business Services, particularly Logistics & Distribution operations

Affordable Real Estate

The city offers a range of affordable Class B and C office and Logistics and Flex industrial space that is affordable and readily available.

Competitive Rates

Competitive electrical rates, availability of Gigabyte internet service, and a lack of natural disasters also make Norcross attractive for Data Centers and other Professional and Business Service operations.

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